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Photography … My heart, my job, my chronicle

by Bill Abramson


What is it that causes us to take a picture?  I suggest that there are only three motivations that inspire us.  You are driven by your HEART?  You are emotionally moved?  You are experiencing an emotional moment … a moment of beauty, a moment of love and passion, a moment of deep sorrow or unhappiness, a moment of extreme happiness or a moment of horror?  Your heart obliges you to create a souvenir … your inner being absolutely requires it!  And if alll works according to plan, recalling your photograph will reward you … positively or negatively … with emotions equivalent to those you experienced when you took the picture.

A second reason for taking a photograph … it’s your JOB.  You are a reporter.  Perhaps it is for a newspaper, a magazine, a travel brochure or an advertising enterprise.  You record the scene or event as directed, slant the picture to deliver the required message and move on.

A third reason is to CHRONICLE history.  You went on vacation and felt the need to record the trip; you had a personal event (e.g. birthday, anniversary, graduation,confirmation, birth, etc.) that needed to be documented for the family’s posterity.

It is my belief that whenever you shoot there should be a very specific message or feeling that you want to share with the viewers.

I have shot many flowers.  I usually use a macro lens to get in real tight.  The flower has center stage all to itself … no distractions.  I hope the viewer can fully appreciate the beauty on display and perhaps enjoy the virtual scent.

We have shot pictures looking into the valleys of the Blue Ridge Mountains, especially when the azaleas, mountain laurel and rhododendrons bloom simultaneously.  It is difficult to fully express the feelings that we enjoyed on these visits, but maybe our photographs will enable you to feel what we felt.

It is my belief if you really truly want to know someone, you should look deeply into their eyes.  I believe a person’s eyes are the window to their inner being.  It is for that reason that I prefer to shoot a person’s eyes as opposed to a portrait or a full shot.  Check it out and see if you can see what I see.

We have an unquenchable love for photography.  We have tried to share my inner feelings.  Perhaps you will agree with me and they will inspire you to expand your photographic feelings.