Choice of Media

We have a selection of media on which we can produce our art. Our choices include a variety of high quality photographic paper, canvas, metal and others. Each selection will produce a very different work of art.

Advanced quality paper used for high art
Quality paper will have 100% cotton content. There will be a choice of finish such as glossy, matte and satin. OBA-free (Optical Brightening Agents) (OBA) feature an expanded color gamut, while also producing rich blacks, making it a great choice for printing both color and black-and-white images and increased longevity

Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Canvas is a fabric made from cotton. Its weave gives it a unique texture. The cotton fibers make the canvas thicker, stronger and more flexible. Because of the and dimension that stretching provides, framing the art is not necessary. Canvas will provide your art with an elegant and artistic feel. We find it to be great for art that presents a subdued mood.

Art on Aluminum – Dye Sublimation
Dye sublimation is a process that produces photographs onto aluminum surfaces. They are vibrantly eye-catching colors . They are smooth images that feature clarity, durability and long-lasting images. They can be hung on interior walls or not he wall of a lanai . We mount our aluminum prints of gator board or canvas. In many instances clients do not choose to frame them.

Please contact us for more details.