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The WaveLand Collection

A Blue Sky


The Ocean Blue

Safari in Africa

Slide Show

The Rock Beds

Magic Hour

South America

The Sky


Take Me to Disney

World of Water

Very Different


Panoramas enable us to capture an expanse without causing a separation between the viewer and the scene.

It generates a wide majestic view of beautiful scenery and keep us up close and intimate.

Black and White

Black and white is an entirely unique art form . It has a talent to highlight fascinating textures. It presents feelings, emotions and hidden tales that would be otherwise lost.


Abstracts are a luxury that artists afford themselves. Deep inside we have hidden feelings and emotions … when we close our eyes and envision our inner self we can enjoy the beauty within us.

It is not simple to transport our inner art to the physical world … but we try. enjoy.

Beautiful butterflies

From a simple, plain cocoon emerges these beautiful gifts from Heaven. So many varieties, so graceful,

They are Nature’s Angels

follow me to the sunshine.


Birds, the winged occupants of our world.

Their species are so varied

Each with its own beauty

Speeds up to 240 mph

And grace that bring tears of admiration to your eyes.


Man’s myriad of wonders

Creations that are truly incredible

The colors, the lights,

the matrices of humanity

Flowers and Bushes

The acres and acres of our globes are incredibly decorated with so many flowers and bushes

So many varieties with so many colors and combination of colors.

So many shapes and features

And aromas that can tame even the angry beast

Stop to smell the roses!

Forests and their Trees

Trees that stand upright in their majesty

Upright to the forces of life

Home to the beautiful, winged creatures

Displaying their regal beauty

Come sit under the apple tree with me

I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree”

Joyce Kilmer


An archipelago of 18 islands that rose from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean

Preserving life that does not exist anywhere else

Life coexisting in beautiful harmony

Life as cannot be seen elsewhere

I think it is like the Garden of Eden


Experience the joy of their variety of colors

Their unique shapes

Some, so awesome to behold

Their textures

Sky and Rainbows

Stop!! Look up!!

There are spectacular wonders up there

The myriad of shapes that the clouds form.

The colors that are hard to believe

The rays from Heaven

Bringing us Heaven’s blessings

Rainbows, the Lord’s Promise never to flood us again.

The Moon

The Moon, more than 2000 miles across and ~240,000 miles away from us

Visits us, across our entire planet every night

to greet us and wish us well

I t presents in a variety of faces and colors

Oceans and Seas

71% of our planet is water, with more than 95% in our oceans.

The Pacific, the largest. is 3 times larger than our largest continent, Asia

But, we are fascinated by its colors, its waves, it display of emotions

And, when the water is calm it is a wonderful place to be.

Our Beautiful World


Our planet is filled with beauty for us to relish

You can visit National Parks & local parks

But right there in your very own neighborhood

Hills and mountains

Lakes and streams

Meadows and plains

And even the deserts

South America

Words cannot describe

Iguasu Falls, The Straits of Magellan,

Cape Horn, the Pampas,

And the Beautiful People

Habla tu Espanol?

Sunrise, Sunset

Every day, guaranteed, the Sun will rise

Every evening the Sun will set

It will team with the clouds in the sky,

It will collaborate with the moisture in the air.

And you can see a truly spectacular show.

White Water and Geyser

Enjoy the fascinating energy that water produces.

Listen to the sounds of white water

Come see what our creativity has done

to the white water


Some of the most beautiful landscapes

on our planet


Golf Courses

Enjoy the expanses of incredible greenery

See the fairways

decorated with sand, water and trees

and don’t step on the flowers.

Very Different

We have enjoyed the many pleasures of traveling

hither, dither and yon

We have seen so many unique and strange


Come, let us share our smiles with you!

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”
“There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.”
“Black and white are the colors of photography. They symbolize the alternatives of hope and despair to which mankind is subjected.”

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