A Beautifully Delivered Thought

WaveLand Gallery creates photo books designed to generate a positive emotional response for the reader.  We have specifically designed books … The WaveLand Gallery Bookstore  … around central themes that our clientele have requested.  However, we have accepted orders to create a customized book for a client.  We have used images from our galleries, and if requested by the client, images supplied by the client to provide a very special thought.  Some examples include weddings, confirmations, special trips and remembering loved ones.

The scenes and subjects that we photograph are based on experiences that have moved us.  Experiences that we would like to recall, so that we can replicate that original feeling.  It is our desire that you will share feelings similar to ours when you view our art.

Thank you for visiting our gallery.

Please feel free to call us to resolve any questions or to discuss any aspect of our galleries.