Nancy, Doris and Bill Abramson are the WaveLand Gallery artists.  We have been able through our life experiences to appreciate more deeply the beautiful and fascinating world that surrounds us.  We are able to see more deeply.  We appreciate more than just the obvious and we strive to capture that experience. The WaveLand Gallery’s mission is to produce through our varied medias, art that will enable you to share these experiences and enjoyments.


We call ourselves the WaveLand Gallery because, at the highest level, our art falls into two categories, the world above and below the seas and the land-based spectacles.

The media selection is based on what will work best for the particular art piece.  We produce our work on canvas, acrylic, metal, oils, acrylic paint and a variety of high quality photographic papers.  We custom matte and frame our art when it is needed to achieve the results for which we are looking.