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Laura's poem by Bill Abramson

The lilt in your voice
So Positve
“I can do that”
It makes it so nice to be with

Sometimes life gets in the way
Testing my strength
What should I do?
“Hold on I can whip this!”
It makes it so nice to be with

-William Abramson

We write beautiful poetry
to embelish our
wonderful art & yours

Here is an example that Bill produced for Laura Wendorf our web developer.

So Easy

To Be With

The warmth of the gentle smile
The sparkle in your eyes
It makes it so nice to be with

A nice word for all
Share the goodness
To like my friends
And shows kindness
It makes it so nice to be with

I thank you for a wonderful life
For wonderful friends
For those so close
For my loving partner in life
It makes it so nice to be with

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