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Seas and oceans

Getting up close and personal

on Jun 18, 2013 in Abstract art, Photographic Art, Romantic art, Seas and oceans, Underwater photography

Getting close up and personal:)

   There have been and are many images of the oceans’ rolling waves,  Usually they are captured with a wide angle lens.  You are able to experience the total environment.  However, I am suggesting that the artist’s emotional goal may get lost in the photograph’s surroundings.  Perhaps, that is the reason so many of us shoot photographs close up and personal.  Perhaps, that might have justified the invention of the macro lens:)  For me, as I got very personal with the waves, I can feel the undulations, the rhythmic movements … I find it so soothing and relaxing.  What do you think?   I would welcome your feedback 🙂Capturer.jpg