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Visiting some friends beneath the sea

on Jun 18, 2013 in Photographic Art, Underwater life, Underwater photography


Hi there, come on in :)

Hi there, come on in 🙂


Smile :)

Smile 🙂

Nancy, the scuba diver on our team, took these two portraits in Guadalupe.  In talking to Nancy about sharks,  she will ardently tell you that sharks are not the evil aggressive creatures that they are made out to be.  They are only aggressive when provoked.  In terms of portraits, it is generally accepted that the photograph is far more intimate when the subject … human as well as non-human …  is looking directly into the camera.  Do you ‘feel’ this Great Whites’ presence?  Does he intimidate you or do you appreciate him?  I think he is smiling at me 🙂

Feel free to contact Nancy about these images or any of her other underwater art.